injuries that don't show up right away

What if I’m in an Accident and My Injuries Don’t Show Up Right Away?

After an accident, some injuries present immediately. Things like broken bones and concussions, for example, have severe symptoms. Sometimes, though, you can sustain an injury that doesn’t appear for days, weeks, or months after the accident. What then?

Don’t worry. You have options. While you can still file an insurance claim, you have to move quickly. After seeking the medical care you need, hiring a personal injury attorney is your recommended first step. Here’s what you need to know.

What to do in the Case of “Delayed Symptoms”

Whether you were in a catastrophic accident or a relatively minor fender-bender, there’s a lot of force involved in a car accident. Sometimes, the injuries caused by this force aren’t immediately noticeable.

There are many reasons symptoms might not show up right away. Sometimes, your adrenaline following the accident is enough to mask pain and discomfort. In other cases, things like soft tissue injuries may take days or weeks to manifest. Even concussive symptoms might not show up immediately. Regardless of why your injuries didn’t appear right away, it’s essential to act as soon as they do.

Step One: See a Doctor

The first thing you should do after an accident is to see a doctor. Explain to the doctor that you had a car accident, and tell him or her when the accident took place. This is advised whether it was a recent accident or if some time has passed. The doctor will make a note in your file, linking your symptoms to the accident and when it occurred. They may also be able to provide a follow-up treatment plan. After this, you may want to hire a personal injury attorney.

Step two: Secure Representation for Your Injuries

Once you’ve visited a doctor, it’s time to hire a personal injury attorney to represent you.

The reason for this is simple: if you’re trying to file a claim with the responsible party’s insurance company, that company will probably push you to settle. Unfortunately, this might not be the right option for you.

Instead, you want to wait until you’ve had a full medical evaluation before you sign anything an adjuster sends your way. Also, you want to wait long enough to ensure that all your injuries have manifested. Finally, you may want to take the case to court, if doing so could result in a higher, more fair payout. These are all things a personal injury attorney can help you with.

Finding the Right Attorney for You

After an accident, you deserve an attorney who will fight for you. Ward & Barnes is here to help. We are your trusted Pensacola Personal Injury Attorneys. We will represent you and help you secure the settlement you deserve. Contact us today to learn more.