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Specializing in Personal Injury, Auto Accidents and Medical Malpractice Cases

At Ward & Barnes, P.A. we take a hands-on approach to all of our client interactions. We are dedicated to making sure every client has the best chance at a successful outcome by taking the time to listen and truly understand their unique situation. Our entire team is ready to help and work hard for you and your family.

Founding attorneys Austin Ward and Scott Barnes spent the early years of their careers working for some of the largest firms in town. They gained experience and insight working on high-profile cases with local, state, and national clients. Today, we pride ourselves on providing quality legal services delivered with personal attention and timely responses.

When the Unexpected Strikes, We've Got You Covered

Serving Personal Injury Clients in the Pensacola Area and Throughout Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast

Injuries and accidents don’t discriminate – they often strike without warning, affecting good people from all walks of life when they least expect it. If you or your loved ones are facing the pain and expense of injuries related to an auto accident, medical malpractice, or are suffering due to the negligence of another, make sure to get the compensation you deserve.

Our focus at Ward & Barnes is providing you, our friends and neighbors, with attentive and caring legal services. Our mission is to ensure that justice is served and your financial needs are met. Whether you call Pensacola home or are visiting our beautiful Gulf Coast, our attorneys are ready to provide the responsive service and one-on-one attention you deserve.

All of our lawyers at Ward & Barnes are from the Gulf Coast and have an extensive network of local resources. We live in the Pensacola area and are intimately familiar with the details of Florida law. We’ve spent our careers representing the needs of the people who work and live here in Northwest Florida.

Call today for your free consultation — we don’t charge any upfront fees or costs, and we only get paid if we make a recovery for you. When you need help with a personal injury, automobile, wrongful death, or medical malpractice claim, contact the legal team at Ward & Barnes.

"You're not just a name on a spreadsheet to us. We really want to get to know you and your concerns."

— Scott C. Barnes

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