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Has Asbestos Exposure Put You at Risk?

For much of the 1900s, asbestos was widely used in American manufacturing, construction projects and industrial products. Because asbestos fibers are extraordinarily durable, they were used extensively in insulation and fire retardants in virtually every industry. Additionally, many private homes, industrial facilities and commercial buildings were built with asbestos-containing plaster, drywall, ceiling and floor tiles.

Unfortunately, as we now know all forms of asbestos are harmful to humans when breathed into the lungs or otherwise ingested. In the body, asbestos fibers can cause potentially permanent and life-threatening injuries. If you or your loved one has been exposed to any form of asbestos, we urge you to seek medical attention and speak to one of our Pensacola mesothelioma attorneys immediately.

What Occupations Involved Exposure to Asbestos?

A large number of the industrial and manufacturing jobs in the last century included working with or near asbestos. Unfortunately, many people who were exposed to asbestos at work were unaware of the long-term dangers. In addition to the workers who directly handled asbestos insulation and friction products, laborers who worked in vastly different occupations may have had significant exposure to asbestos fibers.

These occupations include many jobs in marine industries, such as shipyard workers, Navy sailors and commercial vessel workers. On land, laborers in the automobile, plumbing and railroad industries were possibly put at risk of exposure. Additionally, workers employed in large industrial facilities such as paper mills, power plants and steel mills may also have been exposed to asbestos. In addition to workers in these industries, the workers’ families and loved ones may have also been exposed.  This second-hand exposure occurred frequently with the loved ones in direct contact with workers and their clothing.

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Our lawyers will also ask you about other potential sources of exposure to asbestos and work to identify the responsible manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of asbestos products. With this information, details of your work history and current medical diagnoses, the attorneys at Ward & Barnes, P.A will help you seek compensation from all negligent parties.

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