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Medical malpractice affects thousands of people each year, causing them serious permanent injury, pain, suffering, lost wages and even death.

While medical practitioners such as physicians, nurses and medical staff provide important services, individuals entrusted to their care have the right to obtain compensation when they are injured by medical malpractice.

Impacts of Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals play a vital role in our society, helping us to overcome medical issues and live longer, healthier lives. However, when doctors or nurses harm their patients through clinical negligence or medical mistakes, they can cause serious damage or even death. Victims of medical malpractice may experience any number of injuries as a result of medical negligence, including permanent disability, loss of a limb, chronic pain, disfiguring scars or death.

The significant costs of dealing with these injuries can put a financial strain on patients and their loved ones. Many injuries from medical negligence require expensive ongoing treatment and maintenance, as well as costly medical equipment, medications or long-term nursing and rehabilitative care. Even with health insurance, many victims of medical malpractice find their coverage does not pay for all the associated costs of treatment for their injuries. Additionally, many victims of medical malpractice may no longer be able to work or otherwise provide for their families.

Ward & Barnes Helps Victims of Medical Malpractice

Our experienced medical malpractice attorneys at Ward & Barnes, P.A. help victims in Florida seek compensation for their injuries. We help our clients deal with complicated medical issues such as getting compensation for large medical bills and daily living needs, seeking reimbursement for lost wages and lost earning capacity, seeking compensation for future medical bills and medical needs, and interfacing with insurance companies and government assistance programs in an effort to help our clients navigate the many real world problems created by medical malpractice.

Our legal team assists clients injured by medical professionals making the wrong diagnosis or providing improper treatment. Injuries from medical malpractice may also be caused by unnecessary delays in treatment or failing to administer the proper medication.

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