car accident goes to trial

How Many Car Accident Cases go to Trial?

If you’ve been in a car accident, you’re probably wondering what happens next. It can be overwhelming to negotiate an auto accident settlement with your insurance company. Especially as you try to recover from your injuries.

Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t make this process any easier. Today, it’s the goal of most insurance companies to settle out of court and for the lowest amount possible. It is not, however, always in your best interest to take their offer.

So, what’s the alternative? How many car accident cases go to trial? And what can you expect from the aftermath of your accident?

Here’s what you need to know.

Will Your Case go to Trial?

The biggest reason that so few car accident cases go to trial is that most car accident cases are settled out of court. Again, insurance companies want to pay as little as possible to the injured plaintiff. Settling out of court is the best way to ensure this. Insurance companies know that when a case goes to court, they risk being ordered by a jury or judge to pay more than they wish to the injured plaintiff.

In some cases, however, a case may go to court if the injured party and the insurance company cannot agree on a settlement. This typically happens if the insurance company offers a settlement the injured party deems too low or if the parties can’t agree as to who was at fault for the accident.

What Happens if Your Case Does go to Trial?

If your case does go to trial, you have the right for a jury to hear the case. Some car accident cases, though, are ultimately decided by the judge. This will only happen if the defendant and plaintiff both agree to waive the right to trial by jury.

Deciding whether this is the right option for you will require the help of a skilled attorney.

How to Increase the Chances of Winning Your Case

If you want to increase your chances of winning your auto accident case in court, it’s critical to work with a skilled personal injury attorney. Not only will an attorney help you prepare a claim for trial, but their assistance improves the chance that your case will settle for an amount you’re comfortable with.

When an accident attorney gets involved in your case, you become their first priority. They know the laws and past practices and will be able to negotiate successfully on your behalf. With an attorney at your side, you don’t have to be afraid to go to trial. An experienced personal injury attorney will only do what’s in your best interest and will help you win the settlement you deserve.

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