why hire a personal injury attorney

When Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

You’ve been involved in a car accident. Now, you’re considering hiring an accident lawyer.  But is this the time to do it? And what should you consider during the process? In this post, we’ll take a look at when (and why) to hire a personal injury attorney. We’ll also discuss how doing so can help you protect your interests.

Let’s dive in.

What do Personal Injury Attorneys do?

Put simply, personal injury attorneys work with people who have been injured because of someone else’s negligence. Depending on the circumstances, personal injury attorneys may work with the following cases:

Depending on the needs of the client, a personal injury lawyer will perform various duties. The attorney may review case details, represent the client in court, communicate with insurance companies and adjusters, or help organize a settlement payout.

Personal injury attorneys also act as important consultants during a personal injury trial. They advise clients on what to do or avoid. They can also offer guidance on how to conduct yourself, who to communicate with, and how to navigate the case.

When you hire a personal injury attorney, you have someone on your side. This allows you to relinquish the details of the case to a professional. Instead, you can focus on healing, restoring your health, and getting back to living your life.

When to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Usually, it’s smart to hire an accident lawyer right after you’ve been injured. This gives you a jump on your case and helps prevent oversights. Here are a few essential signs that it’s time to hire a personal injury lawyer:

1. The at-fault person is denying liability

Personal injury cases are always complex. They’re made more so, though, whenever the at-fault party denies their liability. In this case, you’ll need to work with a personal injury attorney to understand your options.

To gain a settlement in a case like this, the lawyer will likely examine the facts of the case. Next, they’ll develop a legal argument designed to require the at-fault person to pay the compensation you’re entitled to.

2. If there was a wrongful death involved

Personal injury laws extend to cover the loss of family members. If a loved one died because of someone else’s intentional acts of harm, recklessness, or pure negligence, hire a personal injury attorney.

In addition to being complex, these cases can be difficult for clients because they involve so much grief. A personal injury attorney will help sort through the facts of the situation, build a legal case, and pursue justice for your loved one.

3. If the other party is trying to blame you

If the other party (or their insurance company) is making claims that you contributed to the cause of your injuries, you’ll need to hire a personal injury attorney.

Florida is a pure comparative negligence state. This means that the amount of compensation you receive in your personal injury case could depend on your perceived level of fault. A good personal injury attorney will work with you to determine the facts of the case, protect your best interests, and insulate you from unnecessary blame.

4. If the accident involved multiple people

Two-party accidents are common, and are typical in a car collision, for example. If you have a multiple-party accident on your hands, however, you’ll need the immediate assistance of an accident lawyer.

These claims can quickly become complex and confusing. Examples include medical malpractice suits or multi-car pileups. A good attorney with skill litigating multiple-party claims will be able to navigate the concerns of multiple claimants. They’ll also deal with any issues that arise as the case progresses.

5. If the insurance company is pushing back

Although we pay insurance companies to cover us in the event of an accident or injury, they’re famous for trying to avoid paying as much as possible. In fact, some insurance companies actively try to avoid compensating for damages due. This is an unfortunate truth that can have a severe impact on your case.

If you’ve noticed that the insurance company is evading contact, dragging out the claim, or raising false allegations, it’s time to hire a personal injury attorney. Accident attorneys have ample experience working directly with insurance companies. They have the skills needed to advocate for your rights without unnecessarily complicating the case.

6. If you were injured by a defective product or medical malpractice

Product defect and medical malpractice cases are tricky. As a consumer or client, you have a right to expect products to keep you safe and doctors to have your best interests at heart. Still, these cases involve multiple facets, many defendants, and facts that can be difficult to prove.

In either of these scenarios, the help of an accident lawyer is essential. In addition to avoiding overcomplicating the case, an accident lawyer will be able to help you avoid common pitfalls that could delay or derail your case.

7. If you just need assistance

It’s easy to assume that the services of a personal injury attorney stop at litigation. But it’s important to remember that injury attorneys can also act as trusted advisors.

They understand that the period after a car accident or other mishap is stressful, and that you need a trustworthy guide to help you through the process. A good attorney will take the legal load off your shoulders so you can focus on recovering, healing, and getting your life back to normal.

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