Cautionary Tips on Using Disinfectant Products in Your Business

The economy is slowly reopening in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. As it does, business owners are turning to disinfectant products to kill pathogens and protect their customers and employees.

While these products may kill the virus, they can also be dangerous to employees and clients. Unfortunately, many of us don’t understand the inherent product liability associated with these powerful solutions. Luckily, you can protect yourself and your livelihood with a few cautionary tips.

5 Safety Tips for Using Disinfectant Products

Disinfectant products are excellent at killing germs and helping people avoid illness. Unfortunately, they can be a health hazard for your business – unless you use them properly. Follow these five tips to keep yourself and your customers safe:

1. Read the labels

Product labels are a great source of information about the chemicals you’re using. To ensure safety when using disinfectant products in your business, read the label information carefully, and follow all use and storage instructions therein.

Today, most products have explicit directions and warnings on their labels. Using the products in a manner outside these recommendations may result in injury that the company producing the solution will not be liable for.

2. Never mix products

Cleaning products contain harsh ingredients, including ethanol, formaldehyde, chlorine, and ammonia, among others. With this in mind, avoid mixing cleaning products, even if the chemicals within them are similar. Mixing disinfectant products can cause dangerous adverse reactions.

3. Keep products in a safe place

Disinfectant products can be tempting for kids and pets. To keep little ones safe and avoid accidental spills, store your cleaning products in a secure place – either in their original containers or appropriate containers for their hazard classes. Make sure the cabinet you use to store cleaning products is locked and secured, so only adults can access it.

4. Ventilate the space while you use the products

If you’re using disinfectant products to clean your business, be sure to open a window and use a ceiling fan to circulate the air. Fumes from these products can be toxic, and it’s critical to minimize exposure as much as possible.

5. Wear gloves

While it’s important to avoid product fumes, it’s also critical to avoid physical contact with cleaning solutions. Instruct employees to wear gloves to protect their skin and avoid getting any of the product on their hands. If the product does touch the skin, employees should wash their hands thoroughly.

Minimize Product Liability With Professional Training

If you or one of your employees suffers an injury after using disinfectant products, they may have a product defect claim and be entitled to financial compensation. Fortunately, you can minimize the risk of potential lawsuits while also protecting your employees. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury from the use of a disinfectant product  Contact Ward & Barnes, your Pensacola personal injury lawyers today.