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If a property owner is aware of hazards and ignores them, or should have known about dangerous conditions and does nothing to address them, he or she may be held liable for injuries. This is as true in cases of negligent security as it is with other types of premises liability cases. Property owners have the responsibility to guard visitors from foreseeable assaults, robberies, rapes and other crimes.

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If The Danger Was Foreseeable, The Business May Be Liable

Even if the business is located in a respectable part of town and has never had security issues before, it can still be held responsible and liable for damages for an incident on the property if the danger was foreseeable and the business failed to take action to protect its visitors and patrons.

Here are a few different cases we have handled over the years:

  • Security guards at a certain establishment failed to take appropriate action to protect a female guest from being raped by one of their fellow guards.
  • Local hotel failed to properly conduct background check of employee which ultimately led to an assault by the employee on one of the hotel's guests.
  • A business in a high-crime area failed to install proper lights in its parking lot.
  • A hospital in a dangerous part of town allowed a stranger to walk in off the street and rape a hospital guest in a bathroom.
  • A person was shot and killed outside a nightclub with a reputation for allowing criminal activity on its premises.

Security Footage Lapses, So Act As Soon As Possible

Acting quickly is critical in premises liability cases. Property owners will often attempt to correct the conditions that caused the incident, which can impede the investigation of your case and make it more difficult to prove.

Most businesses have security cameras, but the footage lapses within a certain number of days, eliminating key evidence. It is important to submit a claim, document your injuries and contact a lawyer right away.

Arrange A Free Consultation About Inadequate Security

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